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Cat. No. R 0024


Zeothrich is a natural product that protects both the living organisms and the biosynthesized during their growth physiologically active plants’ stimulating substances. 

Ingredients: Microbial inoculum: Trichoderma viride and T.harzianum, with total CFU – up to 107 CFU/g. Natural zeolite clinoptilolite type.

Application: It is applied in the root system area of the plants before transplanting of vegetable, flower and ornamental plants. Dose - 10 g per plant (one tablespoon). It can be mixed with peat mixtures at a dose of 50 g/10 l peat substrate. In composting of plant residues the dose is the same as in peat substrates inoculation.Enhances the overall appearance of the ornamental flowers, increases yields up to 20 %. Increases the plants resistance to abiotic and biotic environmental stress factors.