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Microbtima Protect
Cat. No. R 0018



Microbtima Protect is a liquid microbial fertilizer comprising microorganisms that live in symbiosis and create a live system around the plant root and into the substrate. It increases the protein content of cereals. It increases as well the volume of the root system; the resistance to environmental stress factors and improves the overall ornamental appearance of the flowers.

Microbial inoculum: Trichoderma sp., Glomus sp., Rhizopogon sp., Pseudomonas sp. with total CFU – up to  107 CFU/ml

Application: It is applied in addition to the nutrient solutions for hydroponic (2 ml/l during the first 4 weeks of plant development) and seeds treatment, added into the decontamination solution (for corn - 30-40 ml/kg of seeds; winter cereals - 5-8 ml/kg of seeds). For treatment of field crops it is applied once at 50 to 200 ml/ha. 

Corn – during vegetation, at 8-10 leaf phase at a dose of 50-80 ml/ha; 
Tomatoes - applied through watering and spraying in the period from planting to harvest at a dose of 50 to 200 ml/ha; 
Sunflower – applied during budding at a dose of 80-120 ml/ha; 
Flowers and medicinal plants – applied through watering and spraying after acclimatization of seedlings in 15 days at a dose of 50 to 200 ml/ha.
Special requirements: Avoid mixing with Bordeaux mixture and preparations based on copper oxychloride. 

Not to be used in mushroom production.

Reg. No in Bulgarian Food and Safety Agency: 0086/17.05.2013