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Green Magic

Cat. No. R 0025


‘Green Magic’ is manufactured only from natural materials according to original technology. It comprises a delicate-green water-alcohol solution of ‘Green Magic’. It is used to stimulate plants’ branching and the formation of a powerful compact habitus. When applied to vegetables, it improves their overall development and increases their resistance to adverse factors - heat, drought and disease attack. ‘Green Magic’ increases yields by 20-25 %. It also improves the ornamental appearance of the bushes.

It is recommended to be applied by spraying in a concentration of 0.25 ml/L or 8 drops per liter. It must be sprayed at the beginning of vegetation once or twice in 12 days. It is not recommended to be used for a long period of time.

The preparation is not compatible with pesticides.

Very good results are obtained during the plants’ treatment by spraying when the preparation is applied as a constituent of the hydroponic or fertigation nutrient solution in concentration of 1.25 ml/L. In these cases, after two irrigations within one week, we recommend the use of Mikrobtima for growth and/or blossoming at a concentration of 2ml/L during the first four to five weeks of the vegetation period.