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Humic Acids

Liquid Potassium Humate – Extract of Leonardite                                  


Soil and hydroponic enhancer
The leonardite extract is manufactured by special biotechnological method for alkaline hydrolysis and physical separation of humic substances from impurities.
Ingredients: An aqueous solution of potassium humates containing humic and fulvic acids in a total amount of 1:25 to 1:35%. 
Contents: К2О – 0.45-0.5%; NaO – 0.25-0.3%; total organic C - 0.75-0.85%.

Application: Applied during vegetation for overall strengthening and stimulating the plants. Increases their resistance to disease and unfavourable factors - low and high temperatures. Improves the structure and the moisture capacity of the soil. Used as detoxicant of micronutrients over-dosage. It is recommended to be added to hydroponic solutions to enhance their efficiency. 

The preparation is used for watering in the root system area of the plants after planting of vegetable, flower and ornamental plants or is sprayed during the early stages of plant development.

Dose - 1 ml/l for spraying and 2 – 3 ml/l for watering. Accelerates rooting of grafted plants, increases the overall ornamental appearance of the flowers, increases yields by 15 %.