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Cat. No. R 0014



HYDROOPTIMA 3max is an explicit series of liquid fertilizers, giving the skilled gardeners the freedom to combine the three components in a variety of concentrations resulting in nutrient solutions with different ratios of macronutrients. This allows the series to be used during all phases of plant development.
Hydrooptima 3max-1 is a liquid NPK fertilizer, part of the three-component hydroponic system Hydrooptima 3max. 
NPK 6.6 – 6.2 – 10.8
Total  N – 6.61%
Ammonium N – 0.84%; nitrate N – 2.00%; amide N – 3.7 %; Р2О5 – 6.2%; К2О – 10.84%
Complexing agent – lignosulfonate
Volume density: 1.161
Application: to be used obligatory with Hydrooptima 3max – 2 and 3 in quantity of 0.5-4 ml/l depending on plant growth phase development. 
Designed for use in all development phases of all types of plants grown in peat, coconut and other substrates and for fertigation of soil cultures.